In order to provide you with an effective tool for documenting your special foundation construction projects, we have developed the REPORT solution.
In order to provide you with an effective tool for documenting your specialist civil engineering projects, we have developed the REPORT solution.

Save time & increase quality - with the REPORT solution you can automate the documentation of your construction project.

The documentation of special foundation construction projects is a challenging task, which usually takes a lot of time. According to a survey we conducted with project managers in September 2018, the preparation of a daily report takes up to an hour on average.

Interviewees estimate that the weekly time spent on documentation work is between five and ten hours on average. After they have been created, daily and weekly reports usually have to be sent to different project partners. This is exactly where our REPORT solution comes in.

 Automated construction site documentation

REPORT supplements the existing data of your project with the data supplied by the rotary drilling rigs used and then creates fully automated, standardized reports based on existing DIN standards, which contain all important information about the individual components.

 Share daily and weekly reports with project members

REPORT makes it easy to generate daily and weekly reports on your jobsites and then, for example, communicate them via e-mail to project partners and management. All project participants always have current documentation regarding the construction site.


With the REPORT solution you save valuable time when it comes to construction site documentation and increase the quality of your daily and weekly reports.

  • Create time-saving production data reports
  • Document the entire drilling process including the parameters
  • Automatically create bored pile documentation
  • Generate standardized reports.

An overview of REPORT's advantages and uses:

  • Produce production data reports easily and quickly
  • Automatically create bored pile documentation according to the procedure
  • Generate standardized daily and weekly reports
  • High quality, uniform documentation
  • Simplified data capturing - data on concrete volume, drilling time and depth are immediately visible in the report
  • Direct transmission of the reports as high-quality documentation to the client
  • Simple sharing of the current project status as well as the documentation with all participants

We support the following special foundation construction procedures:

  • Drilling methods (Kelly Drilling, CFA screw process, continuous auger tube CCFA, full displacement piling)
  • Diaphragm wall method (Diaphragm Wall with Cutter, Diaphragm Wall with Grab)
  • Soil mixing technique (cutter soil mixing CSM, single column mixing SCM & SCM-DH, soil mix wall SMW and jet grouting technique HDI)
  • Ground improvement (vibro compaction VC, vibro displacement VD and vibro concrete columns VCC)
  • Sheet pile wall (vibration, piling, pressing)
  • Special method (anchor drilling, blast hole drilling, horizontal drilling and exclusion & well drilling)

We would be pleased to advise you personally about the advantages and application possibilities of our solutions.

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