Record all special foundation construction methods with ACTIVITY".
Monitoring and optimization of the material flow and the supply chain – with ACTIVITY you keep an overview of your construction site.
We have set ourselves the task of providing you with all the useful key figures and evaluations from your projects in a clear overview on a jobsite-specific dashboard.

Optimizing work processes and material flow on construction sites using the ACTIVITY solution.

During a construction project, you may encounter many unexpected problems that can delay the progress of construction in a worst- case scenario. However, you often cannot detect these problems quickly enough to resolve them promptly. The solution ACTIVITY makes this possible, by allowing you to quickly identify problems during your specialist foundation engineering project and know what needs to be done at all times. As an additional benefit, it helps you to optimize the work processes on your construction site and keep track of the performance of your supply chain..

 Document and track process steps on specialist foundation engineering construction sites

Operators of specialist foundation construction machines are highly focused during their work and should not be distracted and unnecessarily burdened by having to document their work steps. However, detailed documentation of the processes on a specialist foundation engineering site is essential for demonstrating successful project progress. With ACTIVITY, you can easily create reports on the work processes and the material flow on your construction site using smart tools that do not create extra work.

For example, all processes carried out during construction can be recorded directly and, in some cases, fully automatically via a tablet installed in the cab of a large drilling rig. Operators do not have to make any complicated inputs. Instead, they simply record their current activity by clicking on the appropriate icons. For example, when an operator starts a drilling process, he or she clicks on the icon for drilling. Even downtime caused by waiting for concrete or equipment repairs can be tracked and easily analyzed later.

 Record all special foundation construction methods with ACTIVITY

You can use ACTIVITY to track all processes of your special foundation construction site. That way you can immediately see what happened (and what did not happen) on the construction site on a particular day. Problems can then be identified and resolved quickly.


With the solution ACTIVITY, you can optimize work processes and material flow on your construction site by simply tracking the activities using a tablet.

  • All processes in special foundation construction are supported
  • Detect problems early on
  • Reduce waiting and idle times

ACTIVITY's advantages and applications at a glance:

  • Early detection of faults and abnormalities through documentation of all process steps on the construction site
  • Monitoring and optimization of the material flow and the supply chain
  • Suitable for all processes in special foundation construction (e.g. piling, trench cutting, grouting)
  • Up-to-date project status available online
  • Reduction of unproductive downtime
  • Avoidance of unnecessary additional costs
  • Flexible reporting

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