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The ACTIVITY application

09.02.2021 | Nobo­dy wants it to hap­pen, but it is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly part of ever­y­day life at many spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion job­sites: Delays in pro­gress due to unex­pec­ted pro­blems. The­re is, of cour­se, no uni­ver­sal reme­dy for this, but it does con­si­der­ab­ly help to quick­ly iden­ti­fy pro­blems so that they can be resol­ved in expe­di­ted fashion. The ACTIVITY app­li­ca­ti­on can assist you here.

Optimize processes in special foundation construction – with ACTIVITY

Opti­mi­ze pro­ces­ses in spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion! Our ACTIVITY app­li­ca­ti­on lets you record and eva­lua­te all com­mon pro­ces­ses and pro­ce­du­res at your spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion site. This allows you to always have an over­view of what is hap­pe­ning at your site, and you can quick­ly reco­gni­ze whe­re things might be going wrong. Your con­struc­tion pro­ces­ses are recor­ded direct­ly using one or more tablets. ACTIVITY sup­ports all pro­ces­ses and pro­ce­du­res as well as work in the spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion field. Pro­blems such as tho­se that can occur in your sup­ply chain can the­re­fo­re be quick­ly iden­ti­fied and resolved.

How ACTIVITY targets your special foundation construction site

At the start of the pro­ject, we joint­ly set up ACTIVITY for your site. This can be done remo­te­ly as well as in per­son. The most com­mon con­struc­tion site acti­vi­ties are defaul­ted by us in the sys­tem. If the cus­to­mer so requests, we will of cour­se adapt the­se to the respec­ti­ve con­di­ti­ons and are­as of app­li­ca­ti­on at the site. You can eit­her acqui­re the tablet and an appro­pria­te hol­der for on-site use at the machine(s) or have us take care of this. Just con­ta­ct us ─ we will find a solu­ti­on! We then tra­vel to your site and inst­ruct the equip­ment ope­ra­tors on how to use the sys­tem and start record­ing. The first reports can then soon be viewed.

Avoid unwanted delays in construction progress

ACTIVITY’s main objec­ti­ve is to quick­ly draw atten­ti­on to pro­blems encoun­te­red at spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion job­sites so that con­struc­tion pro­gress is not unne­cessa­ri­ly delay­ed.  Are you rea­dy to opti­mi­ze the work pro­ces­ses at your spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion job­sites and gain an over­view of the over­all per­for­mance of your sup­ply chain?  Then get in touch with us.

The ACTIVITY application – explained by CEO Jochen Maurer

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Our newsletter regularly provides you with information about company & product news, events and tips for using our solutions.