Meet us in person — at events 2021: Geofluid, DFI, The Big 5

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Meet us in per­son — GmbH will take part in three exci­ting events in 2021 26.08.2021 | After many online events, we are deligh­ted to be able to meet you per­so­nal­ly at three exci­ting events — with appro­pria­te hygie­ne con­cepts on site, of cour­se. GmbH will take […]

The Application PERFORMANCE – Monitor the status of your construction sites Performance

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Jochen Mau­rer, CEO GmbH Moni­tor the sta­tus of your con­struc­tion sites with PERFORMANCE April 13, 2021 | How is my con­struc­tion site per­forming? Is ever­ything going as plan­ned? And could I incre­a­se the per­for­mance of my job­site? The­se are ques­ti­ons that we fre­quent­ly hear. We have devoted […]

The WORKLIST application – Send planning data directly to your machines

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH The WORKLIST app­li­ca­ti­on – Send the plan­ning data for your spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion pro­ject to your machi­nes digi­tal­ly and with ease May 6, 2021 | Say good­bye to the hand-wri­t­­ten list with the day’s tasks on your spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion job­sites. With the WORKLIST app­li­ca­ti­on, it is […]


Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Jochen Mau­rer, CEO GmbH The ACTIVITY app­li­ca­ti­on 09.02.2021 | Nobo­dy wants it to hap­pen, but it is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly part of ever­y­day life at many spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion job­sites: Delays in pro­gress due to unex­pec­ted pro­blems. The­re is, of cour­se, no uni­ver­sal reme­dy for this, but it […] at the “Piling 2020 Virtual Conference” at Piling 2020

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Meet at the “Piling 2020 Vir­tu­al Con­fe­rence” Febru­a­ry 15, 2021 | Due to the coro­na pan­de­mic, the Piling 2020 Con­fe­rence was can­ce­led some time ago as a tra­de fair on site. It will be made up digi­tal­ly in March 2020. Jochen Mau­rer, CEO of, gives a lecture […]

The QUALITY application by – Automating documentation in special foundation construction ACTIVITY - Prozesse im Spezialtiefbau optimieren

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Jochen Mau­rer, CEO GmbH The QUALITY app­li­ca­ti­on by – Auto­ma­ting docu­men­ta­ti­on in spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion  Janu­a­ry 21, 2021 | We are hap­py to announ­ce that our QUALITY app­li­ca­ti­on is rea­dy to launch, lif­ting docu­men­ta­ti­on in spe­cial foun­da­ti­on con­struc­tion to a new level! Crea­te pro­duc­tion logs for […] at the Construction Equipment Forum 2020

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH GmbH at the Con­struc­tion Equip­ment Forum 2020 26.11.2020 | CEO Jochen Mau­rer pres­ents the solu­ti­ons as part of the inno­va­ti­on pit­ches at the Con­struc­tion Equip­ment Forum 2020. Seven pit­ches for inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons in the con­struc­tion indus­try At this year’s Con­struc­tion Equip­ment Forum — which is taking place digitally […]

What does digitization mean for us at

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH Jochen Mau­rer, CEO GmbH What does digi­tiz­a­ti­on mean for us at 25.11.2020 | Digi­tiz­a­ti­on has been on everyone’s lips for the past few mon­ths. Thanks to the coro­na­vi­rus, video con­fe­ren­cing is the new “nor­mal”, and working from home, if pos­si­ble, is alrea­dy the stan­dard. But was […] GmbH member of MiC 4.0

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH GmbH mem­ber of MiC 4.0 01.07.2020 | Die GmbH ist seit der Grün­dung von MiC 4.0 wäh­rend der BAUMA 2019 Mit­glied des Ver­eins. Mitt­ler­wei­le stellt das Unter­neh­men den Obmann für das Clus­ter Spe­zi­al­tief­bau. MiC 4.0 – Stan­dar­di­sie­rung von Maschi­nen­da­ten Seit des­sen Grün­dung wäh­rend der BAUMA 2019 in […] GmbH and ABI GmbH conclude cooperation contract

Cur­rent news and topics about GmbH GmbH and ABI GmbH con­clu­de coope­ra­ti­on con­tract 08.01.2020 | Die GmbH und die ABI GmbH, Her­stel­ler der bewähr­ten ABI MOBIL­RAM-Sys­­te­­me und DELMAG Dreh­bor­an­la­gen, schlie­ßen Koope­ra­ti­ons­ver­trag und trei­ben das The­ma Digi­ta­li­sie­rung in der Bran­che wei­ter vor­an. Mün­chen, 08.01.2020 | Die GmbH, füh­ren­der Anbie­ter für Con­struc­tion Data Manage­ment Platt­for­men aus […]