Save, link & analyze - optimize your special foundation construction projects with fielddata.io

Digitization, connected jobsite, BIM – you may feel overwhelmed when you're thinking of your special foundation construction projects. No problem. We at fielddata.io already live these topics and would be happy to provide you with one of our experts. The following text tells you what we can offer exactly. If you have any questions, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

The fielddata.io platform serves as a central point for the storage, linking and evaluation of sensor data from your construction projects. Here you manage your jobsites and keep track of all important areas at all times.

Within the platform you can create your projects, enter the respective project master data and control the access rights of the project partners. You have the standard option of using the platform in combination with our FILEBOX solution. You can clearly place all important documents relating to your projects into it and can then easily exchange these with your project partners.

Depending on which processes you would like to sustainably optimize on your special foundation construction jobsites, we will put together a fielddata.io solution package with you. We connect your machines – from small wheel loaders to large rotary drilling rigs – and give you insights into the progress of your project at any time using our clear dashboard.

Keep track of the status of your jobsites with fielddata.io PERFORMANCE

Our solution PERFORMANCE enables you to keep an eye on the current status of your special foundation construction jobsites.

With the fielddata.io PERFORMANCE solution you make your jobsites "measurable". It provides you with many useful key figures and analyzes of your projects so that you know quickly when there is need for action.

• Optimize your construction processes sustainably
• Recognize irregularities early on
• Stay active at all times

Save time & increase quality - with fielddata.io QUALITY

With the fielddata.io solution QUALITY you automate the documentation of your special foundation construction projects. This is a challenging task, which usually takes a lot of time. On average, project managers need up to one hour of work to prepare a daily report. The weekly time spent on documentation activities averages five to ten hours. In addition, there is also the time required to distribute the reports to the different project partners.

This is exactly where our QUALITY solution comes in. It supplements the existing data of your project with the data supplied by the rotary drilling rigs used and then creates fully automated, standardized reports based on existing DIN standards, which contain all important information about the individual components and stores them in filebox.

• Create time-saving production data reports
• Document the entire drilling process including the parameters
• Automatically create bored pile documentation
• Generate standardized reports

Transfer and normalize data securely with fielddata.io CONNECT

What happens with all the data created during a special foundation construction project? This is a question that, in this era of digitalization, is becoming increasingly important. For, during a large-scale project of this kind, huge quantities of data are clearly already being collected by the construction machines themselves via sensors and this data may appear differently depending on the manufacturer. Other documentation, on the other hand, is still created manually by persons on the construction site. How can these many different types of information now be combined in a controlled environment so they can provide added value?

The fielddata.io solution CONNECT ensures secure and confidential transfer of data from machine manufacturers to executing companies. Subsequently, within the CONNECT platform, the various data types from a special foundation construction project are standardized and converted where required in order to provide them with a uniform appearance. This is particularly important in order to create meaningful evaluations and reports later. If, for example, instead of the current position (GPS data), only "0 values" are transferred, CONNECT will filter out these obviously incorrect values so that the work can be continued using the correct data.

• Secure transfer of manufacturer data
• One central interface
• Data standard ISO 15143-3

Optimize work processes and material flow on the jobsite with fielddata.io ACTIVITY

You can use ACTIVITY to track all processes of your special foundation construction site. That way you can immediately see what happened (and what did not happen) on the construction site on a particular day. Problems can then be identified and resolved quickly.

During a construction project, you may encounter many unexpected problems that can delay the progress of construction in a worst- case scenario. However, you often cannot detect these problems quickly enough to resolve them promptly. The fielddata.io solution ACTIVITY makes this possible, by allowing you to quickly identify problems during your specialist foundation engineering project and know what needs to be done at all times. As an additional benefit, it helps you to optimize the work processes on your construction site and keep track of the performance of your supply chain.

• Recording of all construction processes directly via tablet
• All processes in special foundation construction are supported
• Detect problems early on
• Reduce waiting and idle times

Transfer target data to equipment with DESIGN DATA from fielddata.io

Every day at the jobsite, you see the same thing: before the work can start, a handwritten pile list has to be passed from the site manager or foreman to the equipment operator. Does the target data reach the drilling rig at your special foundation construction site like this – or in a similar way? Well you are not alone.

But digitalization is making headway in the world of special foundation construction and planning data is often available in digital formats already. So why bother with the paper handout – why not go digital? With DESIGN DATA from fielddata.io you can make that transition: transfer digital target data to the equipment concerned without a format mismatch – and without paper.

• Transfer target data digitally and avoid mistakes
• Reception of target data to the equipment via a tablet or directly on the equipment's display

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