The digital pulse of your special foundation construction projects makes your special foundation construction projects even more successful

Would you like a quick overview of the current status of your special foundation construction projects and need a little help when it comes to digitalization? We're the experts.

All the recorded data from your special foundation construction projects is stored on the platform and is also linked in different combinations for different evaluations. You can digitally manage your sites here and keep an eye on every last detail at all times.

The digital work platform for special foundation construction

Evaluate the data of a mixed fleet, automate production data reports, call up status reports on general site and machine efficiency, save and distribute files related to sites – this is just a selection of the possibilities that offers you.

Would you like to learn more? No problem. Take a look at the possible applications of our Construction Data Management Platform (CDMP) now.

The advantages of the platform at a glance

Our goal: Unified data management in special foundation construction

We're the experts – benefit from our expertise! Many of our employees have already been working for years on the topic of digitalization in the construction industry and in special foundation construction in particular. We know where the sticking points are and where there is potential for optimization on your sites.

Get in touch with us – with no obligation at all! We want to understand the problems you are experiencing on your special foundation construction sites in order to provide you with exactly the right solution.